Siv Ngesi’s charity boxing match to raise funds for sanitary pads

After collecting 150 000 sanitary pads for underprivileged girls last year, Siv Ngesi aims to raise the bar with an upcoming boxing event

The TV personality feels strongly about playing a vital role in fighting against women and child abuse, and is involved in various initiatives.

Last year Siv launched a sanitary pad drive and collected 150 000 pads for girls in less-fortunate circumstances. This year he has found a way to merge his passions to increase the number.

“I strongly believe that if we all made a commitment to do something – anything – to bring about positive change in our country, we would make an astounding impact and create a better future,” he said.

Siv added that by using his passion he is able to make a significant difference to some of the problems that society faces

“I have found that leveraging my passions helps me find meaningful solutions to real problems. For instance, the youth of our country and boxing are two things that are very precious to me and this is what motivated me to initiate the sanitary pad drive,” he explained.

This also led to Siv joining forces with the African Pride Fighting Championship (APFC) for a charity boxing match on June 16.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to bring in Youth Day than watching a couple of spectacular fights and then presenting a youth charity with a cheque that will help alleviate some of their financial pressures,” he said.

The boxing initiative takes place at Tsogo Sun Cape on 15 June and aims to raise R50 000 for child-focused charity initiatives.